What we do.

We help you regulate who is allowed to do what, when and why within your organization.

IT security with identity and access management: Controlling identities and access in your organization.

With identity and access management (IAM), we organize access and security in your IT environment, which gives you control over what happens in your organization. We do this by authenticating users and systems (access management) centrally and optimally controlling all accounts and their rights within the organization (identity governance and administration). This is especially important when granting critical high-risk rights (privileged access management).

Granting access to users in your IT environment

Your company needs to know who is requesting access within your IT environment. Based on the context, you request the information you need to authenticate the user (access management) so that security and ease of use are always optimally balanced.

Identity management and overview within your organization

We use IGA tooling to give you insight into all identities in your IT landscape. We automate the processes for granting rights and access, previously done manually, ensuring the right people continue to have access to the right systems at the right time. At the same time, this ensures that you are entirely in control of all related costs.

A grip on administration and other high-risk rights

You have to deal with high-risk rights in your IT environment, and it is imperative that these rights are strictly controlled. We do this with privileged access management. By creating a very advanced link with your IGA, we achieve privileged access governance.


With the IAM Quickscan, we compile all potential improvements related to access and rights quickly. We offer advice on the measures needed to make processes safer and more efficient. We also propose ideas to make access to the systems faster and easier to achieve operational excellence.

“The business itself is in control and determines who has access to what.”

Why do you need access management?

Your IT environment consists of complex applications and data. When you keep adding systems and applications each year – whether on-premises, or in a private or public cloud – the complexity of access structures increase as well as legacy access rights. It is crucial that you keep track.

More than ever, organizations are expected to be in control of their business processes and the corresponding IT systems. They need this control to qualify for certifications and to comply with legislation and regulations, while private individuals, customers and suppliers will trust that their applications are safe and well-managed.

In control

By making your complex IT landscapes clearer, the IT challenges regarding access and rights become manageable, and solutions become easier for us to find together. This is the core of IAM and IAG.

The Identity Managers can support you by mapping, optimizing and automating your policies and processes.

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Jumbo Supermarkten works with The Identity Managers to actively assure that all staff members have the right access to the right systems. As Jumbo works day and night to deliver the best quality of products and service to their customers, we monitor their systems 24/7. When incidents occur, The Identity Managers support team is notified and takes immediate actions when necessary. This way we continuously contribute to cost saving, safety and continuity for Jumbo.

Want to know more? On the One Identity website you can read the full case study on 24/7 monitoring and support at Jumbo.