What we do.

We help you regulate who is allowed to do what, when and why within your organization.

Using Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Identity and Access Governance (IAG), we guide you in securing your digital environments by streamlining and automating your complex access processes.


Together with you we chart who is allowed to do what, when and why within your organization and your systems. We automate manual processes for granting rights of access. In this way we enable the business to assign access rights independently and unburden your IT-organisation. As the business determines who has which licences it regains a grip on the related costs.

We monitor rights and access on a regular basis in order to ensure that the right people continue to have access to the right systems at the right moment.

Grip on access and security

You will retrieve the overview of systems, rights and rolls in a single management console. The business itself sits at the controls and determines who has access to which systems. In this way you reduce costs, increase the efficiency of processes and help your organisation get a grip on access and security.

“The business itself is in control and determines who has access to which systems.”

Why do you need access management?

Your IT environment consists of complex applications and data. When you keep adding systems and applications each year – whether on-premises, or in a private or public cloud – the complexity of access structures increase as well as legacy access rights. It is crucial that you keep track.

More than ever, organizations are expected to be in control of their business processes and the corresponding IT systems. They need this control to qualify for certifications and to comply with legislation and regulations, while private individuals, customers and suppliers will trust that their applications are safe and well-managed.

In control

By making your complex IT landscapes clearer, the IT challenges regarding access and rights become manageable, and solutions become easier for us to find together. This is the core of IAM and IAG.

The Identity Managers can support you by mapping, optimizing and automating your policies and processes.

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The Identity Managers