Information Security Quickscan.

Is your answer to any of these questions ‘yes’? If so, check out our IAM Quickscan.

  • Do you want to have more control over who has which rights to systems and who determines this?
  • Do employees in your organization use simple passwords that never need to be changed?
  • Is there a backlog in granting employee rights in your organization?
  • Do you need more certainty that your organization complies with legislation and regulations regarding digital identities?
  • Are there still active accounts in your organization for employees with whom you no longer have a functional employment relationship?
  • Is responsibility for IAM assigned to the IT department in your organization?
  • Is it complicated for employees in your organization to request (extra) rights?
  • Does the management of accounts and permissions still rely heavily on manual actions in your organization?
  • Are IAM and IGA not seen as strategic enablers in your organization?
  • Do you want to know how mature your IGA is?
  • Does your auditor come across things that should be addressed in your organization?

What is the IAM Quickscan?

Using a Quickscan, we quickly identify whether your organization complies with legislation and regulations. We check whether access to systems in your organization is in order and what possible risks and points for improvement there might be.

We look at where automation can speed up and improve your access management processes and if there are any saving opportunities. We do this based on years of experience in establishing, optimizing and automating processes for managing identities and access for our customers.

We work pragmatically, thoroughly, and in collaboration with the customer as our first principle.

The IAM Quickscan will provide you with:

  • Insight into the most important areas for improvement in your organization regarding access and rights.
  • Advice to increase both user-friendliness and safety.
  • Advice on savings opportunities through, for example, automation and increasing control over your license costs.
  • “You will receive a clear advisory report that you can use in your organization.”

“You receive a clear advisory report, based on which you can proceed.”

The four steps of the IAM Quickscan

  • Joint assessment of what is important to you and the greatest risks for your organization and your industry.
  • Data analysis of the current information, such as descriptions of processes and ownerships.
  • Interviews and workshops to obtain the information you’ve missed and understand the application of your processes.
  • Technical scan of the current systems and data.

You will receive a clear advisory report from us. This way, you know exactly where you stand and what you can do next.

Are you sure you are in control?

The Identity Managers are happy to guide you in planning and optimizing your policies and processes and in implementing or improving your technical implementation. Contact us for a no-obligation conversation.