Privileged Access Management.

Do you inadvertently give access to malicious people through human error within your organization?

Careless handling of high-risk rights can have a devastating impact on companies. With our unique link between privileged access management and IGA, we create next-level governance for your organization.

What is privileged access management?

With privileged access management (PAM), you gain control over all high-risk rights in your organization. Most of these rights are administrative rights in applications and systems. In addition, you might consider your corporate LinkedIn account or access to your banking systems. These are very exclusive rights that must be treated with the utmost care. Today, legislation, regulations, quality standards (NEN and ISO) and customers require organizations to apply PAM solutions to guarantee the security of their IT environment.

Dealing with high-risk rights

In organizations without a PAM solution, IT administrators often have far more rights than they need. With these rights, administrators can carry out all kinds of unwanted actions. This is especially a problem with very high-risk rights. When hackers manage to break into a management account, they have the opportunity to take the next step in the so-called cyber kill chain. Organizations without PAM also lack the opportunity to tightly control what external parties with administrative rights can do in their environment. This not only creates room for malicious people, but also for human error. The consequences can be disastrous. Think of severe reputation damage or a significant loss of turnover.

Control of risky activities

You can counteract these dangers with a PAM solution. For example, it ensures that the least privilege principle is applied: rights are no longer simply accumulated. After careful consideration, a person is granted rights if they really need them. PAM offers the possibility to give specific and temporary approval to internal users and suppliers who have to perform work with high-risk rights. In addition, PAM enables companies to record, monitor and watch sessions live (also known as the four-eyes principle). Suspicious commands and unwanted actions are thus immediately identified and, if necessary, rendered harmless.

For Privileged Access Management, we work together with One Identity

One Identity

For Privileged Access Management, we work together with One Identity

With PAM, you keep control over high-risk activities and rights within your environment. However, traditional PAM solutions do not provide insight into the identity lifecycle or  link accounts to people. In addition, these solutions offer very limited or no governance options. We can give you these benefits because we work with One Identity.

We use the products Safeguard (PAM) and Identity Manager (IGA), which have deep off-the-shelf integration with each other. This enables us to:

  • Gain insight into exactly who is using critical rights;
  • Monitor the issuing and withdrawing processes of these rights;
  • Periodically check whether these individuals still need access to those critical rights;
  • Monitor the integrity of access to these rights via automation; and
  • Manage non-personal accounts from a central IGA solution.

This makes us one of the few IAM specialists who can offer a full privileged access governance standard. Only then is it genuinely next-level control!