Our partners.

The Identity Managers offer both a technical and an organizational solution.

To gain control over your organization, security and access, The Identity Managers recommend clarifying and structuring processes and policies. We also recommend putting these processes and policies into a technical solution. That way, you will also work more efficiently.

We work on the principle that we don’t advise if we can’t implement it, and we don’t implement anything about which we cannot advise on. Therefore, we offer hands-on knowledge and experience to embed identity and access management and governance directly into your organization.

Technical solutions

After understanding your access and identity challenges and proposing a solution, we suggest a technical solution. We work together with partners for this technology. The current partners are listed below. After selecting the technology, we design the IAM solution to fit with your rapidly changing system landscapes. In this way, we realize a future-proof implementation.

Our organization is continuously developing. Should your desired technology not yet be listed, we would, of course, also like to hear from you. In this way, we can brainstorm with you and offer you the best solution.

“We combine hands-on organizational advice with technical implementation.”

One Identity

One Identity is an IAM solution that has been named a market leader in identity governance and administration (IGA) by research firm Gartner. The solution consists of multiple facets, such as identity governance, access management and privileged access management.

One Identity promises to remove the complexity and time-consuming processes associated with managing access and security and achieving optimal control over your identities, systems and your risks. Therefore, One Identity offers standard configurable links with deep integration for many complex applications. In addition, they integrate identity governance with solutions for your most risky accounts and for logging in and accessing all your systems and data.

Okta is a cloud-based identity and access management solution. Named by Gartner as the market leader for access management solutions, Okta enables organizations to provide their employees, customers and partners with secure access to digital assets, such as systems and applications. In addition to user authentication and (adaptive) MFA, Okta also focuses on securing access to APIs, managing internal and external identities via life cycle management, and specifically securing the identity and improving customers’ digital experience.

By offering a wide variety of identity and access management capabilities and out-of-the-box connectors for on-premises and cloud applications, Okta provides a comprehensive and flexible platform that ensures rapid implementation and a short time-to-market.

Our wish is for you to access your IT environment in the most reliable, efficient and user-friendly way. We can offer you this by working together with HYPR. HYPR offers a best-of-breed multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution. HYPR’s mission is to create a world without passwords (true passwordless MFA®)! HYPE is a solution that enables you to log in to your systems in a highly secure way. Where other MFA solutions generally use passwords in their authentication process, HYPR has launched a groundbreaking product that makes it possible to access IT systems without using fraud-sensitive login details. In addition, HYPR’s MFA solution includes desktop MFA. With this outstanding functionality, you give your employees extremely secure access to their desktop, laptop or digital workplace.

We are replacing the use of passwords with HYPR’s very versatile application. We don’t just focus on blocking access to users and people with malicious intent, but we protect you in everything you do.