Our customers.

We stand for sustainable partnerships. We ensure that your IT environment is protected, that your organization meets the highest quality requirements, and that your problems are completely solved.

Partnership, entrepreneurship, and drive. These are the three pillars from which we work. We work pragmatically and practically, and we simplify processes. We communicate clearly and share knowledge with our customers. As a result, they become thoroughly familiar with their own IT security solutions and information security in general.

Focus on IT security and legislation

IT security is essential to our customers. The organisations we work with are often listed and must comply with the strictest legislation. For example, many companies in the financial sector are obliged to have their IT security securely in place. Other companies work with us because their organizational policy focuses on IT security. Ultimately, we aim for long-term partnerships, in which we not only advise the customer but assist them in becoming experts in practical IT solutions.

Preventing abuse in your IT environment

Apart from the fact that our customers must meet strict quality requirements and want to obtain and maintain their certifications, it is also imperative that their safety risks are limited as much as possible. Without proper IT security, you risk data being stolen or misused.

It is also possible that people can perform unauthorized actions, allowing them to steal money or goods. Additionally, companies want their employees to work smoothly with automated and secure processes. We ensure that this is arranged right down to the last detail.

We help and advise a large Dutch health insurance company (CZ) on developing and implementing its IAM strategy. In addition, The Identity Managers provide ongoing support in maintaining and managing CZ’s IAM processes and solution.

Among other things, we upgraded the company’s outdated Quest software to the completely new version of One Identity Manager. We also support CZ with implementing a complete role model based on the role-based access control principle to control authorizations and comply with legislation and regulations.

In this way, The Identity Managers continuously contribute to CZ’s compliance and information security.

We support a Dutch national bank (Rabobank) in maintaining and continuously improving its One Identity Manager IAM solution.

Our experts provide guidance and training to Rabobank employees within the DevOps teams. We collaborate with these teams and transfer knowledge to the Rabobank organization.

In this way, The Identity Managers contribute to Rabobank’s IAM maturity level and how Rabobank implements IT security, compliance, and ease of use.

A Dutch insurance company, Athora Netherlands, manages and structurally improves its One Identity Manager solution in-house. Nevertheless, there are moments when they wish to discuss issues or incidents for which an expert is required. On these occasions, our consultants are available to support Athora Netherlands on a planned or unplanned basis in handling all situations themselves.

In this way, The Identity Managers help the IAM team within Athora Netherlands to increase control over user rights within their IT landscape.

We support the Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo Supermarkets with desiging and improving its IAM strategy and we assist with the continuous optimization of technical IAM solutions and the connection to dynamic processes within the Jumbo organization. The Identity Managers ensure that all employees, from the head office to the cash registers, have the correct rights at the right time.

Jumbo makes use of our managed services such as technical- and functionals application management, authorization management and 24/7 support services. In addition, we support Jumbo Supermarkets with the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to achieve the objectives in its IAM strategy.

With this, The Identity Managers continuously contribute to Jumbo Supermarkets’ IT security, efficiency, compliance, and cost savings.