Identity Governance and Administration.

Are you sure you have complete control over your IT environment’s different accounts and permissions? Identity governance and administration arranges this for you.

Many organizations do not know which accounts are active in their IT system, who they belong to, and what rights they have. This poses a serious risk to the security of your organization. By optimally deploying identity governance and administration, you give yourself a clear picture of who is active in your IT infrastructure and what access they have.

What do we mean by identity governance and administration?

Identity governance and administration (IGA) is focused on identities in your IT landscape. IGA is all about gaining control over all accounts and rights within the organization. This means that these accounts are created at the right time, for the right reason, with the right permissions. It also means that accounts and permissions are also deleted at the right time.

How do we help organizations with identity governance and administration?

We help companies formulate policies and design processes, implement these processes in the business, and support automation.

Together with you, we look at the problems your organization is encountering and solve them. We support organizations in maintaining and improving the processes and technology for identity governance and administration.

Why an IGA solution?

Companies that do not work with IGA tooling struggle to maintain control and overview of the identities within their IT systems. This means that accounts can remain in circulation, even though they are not being used or even when the employee has left the organization. In addition, we often see that rights accumulate, giving some accounts too many incorrect permissions, which totally contradicts the least privilege principle.

With an IGA solution, you have a complete overview of and accurate control over your IT environment’s identities, accounts, and rights. IGA tooling provides your IT organization with information about the people your HR administration has identified. It gives a clear insight into whom the accounts belong and what these people do. The rights of the account can then be automated and fine-tuned based on the employee’s role.

Benefits of good identity governance and administration

Professionalizing IGA within your organization offers many advantages. For example, IGA is an essential part of IT security because it activates as few accounts and rights as possible. In addition, legislation, regulations, and standards, such as ISO and NEN, require organizations to have arranged their information security properly. Increasingly, consumers and business customers also expect this from companies. Alongside this, IGA enables organizations to manage license costs much more tightly and thus save a lot of money.

For Identity Governance and Administration, we work together with One Identity

One Identity

Identity Manager from One Identity is an IGA solution that has been named a market leader within its field by the research bureau Gartner.

Identity Manager is deployed in two ways: either as a managed service from the cloud (Saas) or as an on-premises solution. When providing services from the cloud, we carry out activities that vary from the entire Identity-Governance-as-a-Service to cloud applications that are hosted and possibly managed by us. If you choose an on-premises solution, we can carry out the complete management for you, from the business processes to the technical solution. We can also set up the solution for you, after which you take over the management yourself.