Customer Identity & Access Management.

How can you provide your customers with a pleasant, familiar, transparent and secure way to access your organization’s digital services or products?

With so much business happening online, doing business digitally should be as easy for customers as visiting a shop, if not easier. In a competitive marketplace, a poor digital customer experience can lead to incomplete transactions and lost business.

A Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solution enables you to create a flexible and secure environment for your customer identities. It allows you to offer your customers an enjoyable and smooth customer experience, from any device and any location, while securely storing and managing customer data.

What is Customer Identity & Access Management?
Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) is a solution that provides your customers with a pleasant, familiar, transparent and secure way to access your organization’s digital services or products.

CIAM is all about authentication, authorization and consent management: CIAM makes it easy for your customers to register and log in to your product or service, and it also guarantees their privacy and securely stores their data. You continuously collect and manage the consent you receive from your customers, which allows you to keep improving the customer experience.

IT security, ease of use and agility
The CIAM solution is connected to your website or online environment. Your customers simply log in to your website or online environment and thus automatically into the CIAM solution, resulting in an equal or better online customer experience. This gives your customers a uniform customer experience and a trusted and secure feeling.

The scalability and reusability of the CIAM solution enable you to quickly make new products or services available to your customers when you expand your website or online environment.

You will be able to comply with laws and regulations when using our CIAM solution. CIAM can also help you detect suspicious behaviour so you can take appropriate measures and reduce the risk of cybercrime.

Design, implementation and management of CIAM solutions
The Identity Managers have years of experience with CIAM. We work with various organizations in this field every day. So we know exactly what works and what doesn’t in the application of Customer Identity and Access Management.

Okta is our technology partner. Okta provides the software and maintains the platform, while we ensure that the CIAM software is seamlessly integrated into the processes in your existing environment.

CIAM in your organization
Would you like to learn more about how a CIAM solution can help your organization grow? We would be happy to discuss options with you. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

For CIAM we work closely together with our partner Okta. Why Okta for CIAM? Okta offers a platform for identity driven security and privacy. It is a best- of-breed solution, proven technology, enterprise-ready and is embraced by millions of customers worldwide.