Access Management.

Is the user of your system really who they say they are? Centralized access management gives you maximum control over access requests.

Organizations do not always make use of all the advantages of access management. By centralizing access management, we help companies implement this process in a safer and more user-friendly way.

What is access management?

Access management or authentication management includes all processes and techniques used to authenticate users and systems. You can use it to determine whether someone who makes an access request is actually who they say they are. Access management is everywhere, but often, organizations can improve it in many areas. This includes applications such as adaptive authentication, single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA) and passwordless authentication.

Central authentication for the most secure access management processes

With central authentication, we offer organizations solutions to significantly strengthen their access management. Centralized access management is becoming increasingly popular because you create one extensive overview of all access requests in your digital environment. All relevant information from different applications is stored within one system, which means that you have all kinds of smart functionalities based on conclusions from an enormous amount of data. This enables you to determine much more accurately whether someone is actually who they say they are while at the same time significantly optimizing the user experience.

For centralized access management, we work together with Okta.

Okta is a cloud-based (SaaS) identity and access management solution that enables organizations to provide employees, partners, and customers with secure access to their digital systems and applications. Okta is extremely user-friendly. The user deals with only one interface. With context-based adaptive MFA, Okta looks at a range of data to determine if and on what basis access is granted.

Okta has been named the industry leader in authentication solutions by Gartner. Why do we use Okta for access management? Because this is the best-of-breed solution. It is proven technology, enterprise-ready, and embraced by millions of users worldwide.